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This is probably not the best first blog article for our website, but we decided to take several randomly picked sites to compare which one favors its bettors the most. You will be surprised by the result. The brands we will consider for this small example are bwin, Intertops, Mozzartbet and bet-at-home. Some of those brands are known worldwide while the others are not your choice number one. Yet.

For the small experiment, we chose a game from Brazilian Carioca Serie A: Goytacaz RJ – Nova Iguacu RJ. Truth to be said, we do not have extensive knowledge about this match, nor do we have any expectations. However, we were interested if the bookmakers are applying odds that will bring them a higher or lower percentage for their profits. We will undertake this small analysis starting from the first bookmaker, bwin, and finish it with bet-at-home.

Bwin is a famous name that even got to the Real Madrid jerseys. So, you would expect them to be one of the best bookmakers in the world. But, is it like that? Is their offer the best value for your money in the sports betting market? Let’s find out!


From the bwin offer above we can see the odds on this particular match. For analysis, we have put the odds into the decimal form to respect our European fans and customers. However, if you prefer the odds to be in American or UK style, feel free to convert them for free at

The odds, as shown on the site at the moment we analyzed them, represent the home team as a slight favorite for this match giving them the edge of what the odds of 2.4 genuinely are. Nova Iguacu as a guest team still has some decent chances to win with probably the guest field being the only difference between the two evenly matched bunches.

No matter what the outcome in this match will be, we can see from the calculation below that bwin has set the profit for this offer at 9.64%.

bwin profit

Taking into the fact that probably not many bettors will gamble on this specific match, the profits are slightly higher than what we can see on the events that are more close to the bettors worldwide (matches of top teams from top European leagues).

The next one in the line would be Intertops. Why Intertops? Well, they were the first to start online betting. They might not be the best, but the experience they have in this business still makes them a reliable and trusted bookmaker.

Their offer differs from the one provided by bwin, but we would notice not significantly.


However, when we calculate the odds, we may conclude that Intertops are less favorable towards their customers with their profit (11.17%) being higher than the one set up by bwin.

itsp profit

If you asked why Intertops, then we certainly need a good explanation for Mozzartbet, well, it is quite a simple one. This Serbia-based company is one of the most innovative companies in the field of sports betting when it comes to successful marketing and customer acquisition. They even managed to get a promo video with Ronaldinho; isn’t that good enough?


Their offer for this match is, indeed, very similar to the one given out by bwin. The only difference is in the offer for the home win with bwin having 2.40 and Mozzart letting you enjoy slightly higher odds of 2.50. In your favor, of course. In the calculation, it would be represented like this and you can clearly see that so far, Mozzartbet ruled out the other two offers with the best odds for their customers. Their projected profit is at 7.97%!

mozzart profit

In the end, we are left with bet-at-home to see if they can beat Mozzartbet. They are known as one of the sports betting companies with the most aggressive marketing campaign. It led them to some great success, but we will now see if it is only marketing or if they truly cared for their customers.


From the offer itself, it is evident that their odds look a bit different from the offer by the other three companies which at least shared the same odds on the option of a draw which was 3.10 in their case. Also, if we take a look at the calculation below, we will be able to see that bet-at-home is the worst option at least when it comes to this particular game with their profit set to 12.02%. That is a bit over the top.

betathome profit

If everything were down to this event, Mozzartbet would be the proud winner in customers’ eyes. However, please, note that this is a small analysis taken on only one sample event. This does not represent the overall value of the offers given by the respective sports betting sites.