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How golf punters win? Exclusive insights

Sports betting

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How to gamble on golf and win?

Sports betting

An excellent question, especially if you are not a passionate golf bettor. We all know how hard it is to win by placing your bets on your favorite competitions such as NFL, NBA, and the others, but placing bets on golf tournaments is even harder if you have no clear idea of what you should focus on when investing your money on such a risky thing like golf.  Why is it risky? It is as risky as any other gambling is, but is even more hazardous when you are not an expert. Well, even if you heard of Tiger Woods but are not sure who he actually is, we will help you to understand the golfing logic and key terms better. It is a sport in which small things determine winners and, therefore, you can never be sure who is to win a tournament. This time, we approach one super rich  PGA tourney planned for the late February, 20-24, in Mexico. Why? Well, we did not have any significant competitions when it comes to attractive prizes since last October. This is a good warm-up for big names to check their current form and earn some real money.


Generally, there are several options to gamble on when it comes to the sport of elegance. First of the many is predicting the tournament winner which is a long-term bet in cases when you have to wait a couple of days to have the results for all the players taking part in the tourney. However, if you are more into a bit quicker action, we would happily recommend you head-to-head gambling which means that you would have to choose between 2, 3 or even 4 golfers in one single bet. They all compete for themselves, but in such set-ups, each of them would play the role of a team in a way. So, if you have Koepka, Mickelson and Brice Garnett, you would need to decide which one of them will have the best score on the upcoming tournament. The best score will have the players who score 18 holes with the least number of hits. So, if a match/ round requires 18 holes, we can expect the best player to hit the hole each time with 3 hits (theoretically). This would mean that the best player of the match would have 54 hits during 18 holes. Empirically, this is happening rarely or never but is just an illustration of what we would expect of the best players on the field. Comparing the three aforementioned golfers, we would need to decide for one of them to beat the other two, i.e., to have a lower number of hits reaching those 18 holes. If there are two same results for the players in the head-to-head clash, your stake will on most of the sports-betting websites be divided by two and applied to the odds for your chosen player. What we would also suggest would be escaping the biggest and the most unknown players of a tournament. Those are often unpredictable, and lately, no favorites won the championship. For the upcoming PGA Mexico, we would suggest going for the mid-range players. If you are not sure which are those, you can always consult Google or drop us an email to – we will be happy to help you out with useful suggestions.


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